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Living Rooms
   Mirror Cartons(small):    Television,Table Model:
   Television Stand or Base:    Television,Console:
   Television,Combination:    Table,Library:
   Table.Dropleaf:    Table,Davenport:
   Tables,Coffee,End or Nest:    Studio Couch:
   Rug,Small:    Small Cartons:
   Clock,Grandfather:    Chair,Straight:
   Mirror Cartons(large):    Mirror Cartons(small):
   Mirror Cartons(large):    Bench:
   Lamps,Table:    Sofa, Sectional:
   Sofa/Rattan,Wicker:    Chair,Rocker:
   Chair,Overstuffed:    Footstool:
   Sofa,Chaise:    Phono Combination:
   Fireplace Equipment:    Speaker,small:
   Television Big Screen:    Video Cabinet:
   Wall Unit:    Wall Unit (large):
   Lamp(table):    Ottoman:
   Stereo,HiFi:    Magazine Rack:
   Lamp,Floor:    Speaker,large:
   Radio,Floor Model:    Speaker,medium:
   Picture Cartons(small):    Picture Cartons(large):
   Medium Cartons:    Sofa,Small:
   Sofa,Large:    Desk,Small:
   Rug or Pad Large:    Sofa,Extra Large:
    (Carton Size References)

Dining Rooms
   Rug, Small:    Rug or Pad, Large:
   Table,Dinette:    Tea Wagon or Server:
   Table_Extension:    Picture Cartons(small):
   Medium Cartons:    Mirror Cartons(large):
   Mirror Cartons(small):    Picture Cartons(large):
   Bar,Portable:    China Cabinet:
   Buffet Top:    Corner Cabinet:
   Chair,Arms:    Chair,Straight:
   Buffet Base:    Small Cartons:

   Bed, Queen Size:    Crib or Childs Desk:
   Chaise Lounge:    Chair Boudoir:
   Cedar Chest:    Chest of Drawers:
   Bed,Single:    Bed,King Size:
   Bed,Double:    Night Table:
   Rug or Pad Large:    Large Cartons(linen):
   Bed Headboard:    Bed Footboard:
   Bed Frame:    Futon:
   Picture Cartons(large):    Bed,Bunk:
   Picture Cartons(small):    Mirror Cartons(small):
   Mirror Cartons(large):    Small Cartons:
   Wardrobe Cartons:    Armoire:
   Medium Cartons:    Dresser Vanity&Bench:
   Waterbed:    Rug or Pad Small:

Nursery or Child's Room
   Picture Cartons(small):    Chair,Childs:
   Bathinette:    Bed,Youth:
   Pen,Play:    Small Cartons:
   Medium Cartons:    Large Cartons(linen):
   Carriage, Baby:    Chest:
   Dresser, small:    Toy:
   Table,Childs:    Chair,High:
   Mirror Cartons(large):    Rug, Small:
   Rug or Pad, Large:    Crib:
   Commode:    Desk, Childs:
   Chest,Toy:    Picture Cartons(large):
   Mirror Cartons(small):

   Table, Breakfast:    Trash Compactor:
   Medium Cartons:    Chair:
   Ironing Board:    Baker Rack:
   Stool:    Serving Cart:
   Picture Cartons(large):    Picture Cartons(small):
   Small Cartons:    Utility,Cabinet:
   Microwave Cabinet:    DishPack Cartons:

Garage/Outdoor Items
   Lawn Edger:    Leaf Sweeper:
   Chaise Lounge:    Chair Metal:
   Chair Plastic:    Outdoor Gym:
   Outdoor Slide:    Outdoor Swings:
   Medium Cartons:    Picnic Bench:
   Snowblower:    Glider-Settee:
   Dog House:    Lawn Chair Folding:
   Chair, Wooden Porch:    Garden Hose & Tools:
   Glider or Setee:    Barbeque(small):
   Ladder, ext. or large:    Mower(power):
   Power Tool:    Mower(hand):
   Outdoor Dryer Racks:    Barbeque:
   Workbench:    Ladder, small:
   Small Cartons:    Bird Bath:
   Spreader:    Riding Mower:
   Umbrella:    Wheelbarrow:
   Sandbox:    Rocker,Swing:
   Setee:    Table,Lawn:
   Picnic Table:

Miscellaneous Items
   Fernery or Planter Stand:    Dolly:
   Cot,Folding:    Fan:
   Clothes Hamper or Basket:    Power Tools (small):
   Power Tools (large):    Footlocker:
   Bird Cage & Stand:    Bicycle:
   Ash or Trash Cans:    Power Tools (larger):
   Tires:    Heater:
   Outboard Motor(small):    Outboard Motor{large):
   Tool Chest(small):    Power Saw:
   Rollaway Bed:    Hall Coat, Tree:
   Vehicles,Childs:    Trunk:
   Suitcase:    Step Ladder:
   Waste Basket:    Tool Chest(large):
   Ladder Extend:    Sled:
   Plants Large:    Plants Small:

Light/Bulky Items
   Piano/Organ Spinet:    Work Bench (large):
   Canoe:    Work Bench:
   Piano (electronic):    Piano/Organ Grande:
   Piano/Organ Console:    Hot Tub:

   Dryer:    Sewing Machine Cabinet:
   Dehumidifier:    Sewing Machine Portable:
   Air Conditioner:    Washer/Dryer Combination:
   Washer:    VCR:
   Vacuum Cleaner:    Freezer:
   Refrigerator 11 cu.ft. or over:    Refrigerator 10 cu.ft:
   Humidifier:    Microwave:
   Range,Stove:    Roaster and Stand:
   Refrigerator, Bar(small):    Freezer large:
   Refrigerator 6 cu.ft.:    Freezer medium size:

Office/Study Rooms
   Picture Cartons(small):    Picture Cartons(large):
   Mirror Cartons(small):    Mirror Cartons(large):
   Medium Cartons:    Desk Office:
   Desk Office(large):    Filing Cabinet 2-3 drawer:
   Filing Cabinet 4-5 drawer:    Lateral File 2 drawer:
   Lateral File 4 drawer:    Safe(small):
   Safe(large):    Desk Chair:
   Credenza:    Copier:
   Computer(printer):    Desk, Secretary:
   Small Cartons:    Computer:
   Computer Desk (small):    Computer Desk(large):

Sports / Health Items
   Golf Bag:    Pool Table Slate:
   Pool Table Comp:    Ping Pong Table:
   Treadmill:    Exercise Equipment:
   Bicycle Exerciser:    Hockey Bag:
   Rowing Machine:    Skis:
   Home Gym:    Health Rider:
   Massage Table:    Massage Table/portable/folding:
   handheld weights:    Bowling Bag / Ball:
   Weights:    Sled:
   Stair Climber:    Tackle Box:
   Tricycle:    Weight Bench:

   Book Cartons:    Bookcase (office/study):
   Bookcase (large):    Bookcase (small):
   Book Shelf / Sections:
(Carton Size References)
Carton weight will be calculated based on the household goods submitted. If you feel you will have more than the normal amount for your move please explain in the comment section.

Any Additional Items:
Any bookcases, bookshelves full with books?
Any additional books beyond what is in bookcases?
If so, how many books or cartons are there?
Please list make model and year of your auto:

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