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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the service you offer door to door?

Yes, it is a door to door moving service

Do you have any storage facilities?

Yes. Montreal , Toronto , Vancouver .

What happens if goods are placed in storage at destination?

There is a monthly storage charge based on the volume of goods to be stored. If our warehouse facility is full or we do not have storage at the destination, goods may be placed in a public storage facility. When you request goods to be delivered from our warehouse facility, to the new residence, there is a redelivery charge based on the volume of goods to be relocated. When goods are to be delivered from a public storage facility, contact a local moving company to relocate to the new residence.

How do you protect the furniture?

All the furniture are professionally wrapped with special thick moving blankets (this service is included in the price).

Are the taxes included?

All quotes for domestic moves within Canada include GST or HST. Cross border moves are not taxable.

What kind of insurance do I have?

Your are covered by Basic Liability Coverage for loss or damage to any of your property that we transport.
Your entire shipment is valued by weight at "X" cents/lb., regardless of value. Weight is determined by scaling. Should anything be claimed, it is repaired or replaced up to the "X" cents/lb. of the item's weight.
Currently legal liability of the carrier is 0.60 cents/lb. This means, an item's replacement value may be $1000 but, if its total weight is 10 pounds. The total amount paid by the hauling agent would be 10 pounds x .60 / lb., or $6.00.

Can I purchase additional protection for my belongings?

Yes, we also offer extended coverage program for items that exceed our liability protection. For extended coverage protection, you must complete the Declaration of Value section on the Bill of Lading(invoice) prior to goods being shipped.. In this form, you have to declare reasonable replacement values for the items that you want to be covered. Cost of extended coverage is $7.00 per $1.000 declared value.
Note: Currency, stocks, bonds, jewelry and irreplaceable documents cannot be shipped with household goods. Deductibles may reduce the cost of the liability coverage. 

What is the deductible on my contract?

Like most of the other types of insurances, our Basic Liability Coverage and Extended Coverage are subject to a deductible which is currently $250.00

What happens if any of my furniture gets damaged?

We are affiliated with many furniture companies throughout Canada and USA . Any damage furniture will be fixed before being replaced

How can I file a claim?

In the rare instance of a claim:
During delivery if you think some of the items that you are shipped are damaged, note any damage on the Inventory Sheet BEFORE you sign it. This step will not be replaced by any other written or verbal step in the communication process. Pay your full moving cost. Request a printed claim form from our moving crew or from our dispatch office. Fill the form and fax or mail to our office .
Upon receipt of your completed claim form, a customer representative will call within 72 hours (business days) to confirm its acknowledgement and discuss the issue.

Within 30 days after delivery any residential/property claims must be submitted in writing. DO NOT dispose of any damaged item before Moving Canada Systems or the hauling agent performs a visual inspection. DO NOT replace or begin repair on any damaged item unless MCS or the hauling agent authorizes you to do so.

What is a consolidated trip?

In order to keep your moving costs down several customers are moved within same trailer. The average trailer holds from 18,000 to 24,000 pounds; the equivalent of three to four full household shipments.

How do you differentiate my belongings from other clients?

At the time of pickup, our crew put inventory stickers on all the items that are being shipped. These stickers have different lot numbers & different colors. He also prepares an inventory listing of your items and provides you with a copy so that you know exactly how many pieces are being shipped.

How do you determine the actual weight of my shipment?

We take the weight of the truck before coming to the your address, we load it up with your belongings and take the weight again, the difference between the two scale tickets is the actual weight of your belongings.

What happens if I have to reschedule my move?

As soon as you realize there may be a problem with your moving date, you need to contact the dispatch office for a new pickup/delivery or trip date.

How soon can I schedule my move dates?

We prefer you to book your move date, 3 weeks prior to your moving date.

What time will the moving crews arrive to pickup or deliver?

Moving crews start their pickups at 9:00 A.M. and continue through out the day. We will call you the business day before your agreed pickup date to confirm their arrival time. If you are expecting a delivery, our driver will call you 8-24 hours prior to the estimated delivery date to confirm exact arrival time.

Do I need to be available during the pickup?

YES. We strongly suggest you be present to identify which goods are staying and which are going, items requiring special handling, and to answer any questions. Most importantly, you must be present at pickup and delivery to assist in the Inventory Process.

The Inventory Process involves the pickup crew preparing an inventory of all your furniture and packed containers as they are loaded onto the truck, noting existing conditions. You will be required to sign the Inventory paperwork agreeing (or refuting in writing on the paperwork) with the conditions noted by the crew concerning all items loaded on the truck. At delivery, you will participate in this process again. You will check off unloaded items. Your participation in this process is critical to any claim resolution, if applicable.

If you absolutely cannot be present, we recommend someone familiar with your household goods represent you.

What's the best way to prepare children for a move?

Experts generally agree that you should discuss the move openly and frequently about the move and what it means to them. Keep to your normal routines as much as possible. Keep familiar items (toys, books, blankets) available. If possible, visit the new community with your children before the move to acquaint them with the new surroundings. Above all, listen to what your children have to say, and keep communications open and honest

Can you transport pets to our new home?

We do not transport pets. Ideally, pets and plants travel best in your own car.

Can you move my plants?

If your plants are very dear to you, we suggest you take them with you. Moving plants to USA requires special forms and quarantines periods. Therefore we suggest you not move your plants unless you absolutely can not leave them behind. Moving Canada Systems or the hauling agent, is not liable for plants.

Can I move my pets to US?

As a general rule, there are no restrictions on bringing domestic cats into the U.S. There are no vaccination requirements for cats, although cats arriving in Hawaii or Guam are subject to that state's/territory's quarantine requirements. While a rabies certificate is not required for entry into the U.S. , domestic cats must be free of evidence of disease communicable to humans when examined by an inspector at the port of entry. If the animal is not in apparent good health, further examination by a licensed veterinarian may be required at the owner's expense. If you are bringing your cat to the U.S. on an airplane, you should check with the airline about their requirements for transporting animals. Many airlines require a certificate of health from a veterinarian.

Can you suggest a link about pets and moving?

Please visit www.petswelcome.com

Can you move perishable food items?

Perishable food items cannot be safely shipped in moving trucks. Please dispose of or give away perishable foods before the move.

How will you ship my car?

In most cases the car will be shipped on same trailer as your household goods.

In peak moving periods, we will coordinate dates with the car carrier division so your vehicle will be delivered within a reasonable timeframe of your household goods.


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Phone: 519-923-6444
Fax: 519-923-5551
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